Midjourney Mini Guide


At the time of this post, less than 1% of all images on the Internet are created by neural networks, but it won't be long before most content is created by AI.

We actively use neural networks in our projects and prepared for you a mini guide to the most sensational one - Midjourney.

The neural network is presented in a Diskord Bot format, so you'll need a Diskord account.

Important! The trial version has only 25 tries, so be careful and don't waste them. After you use free period, neuronet will offer you to subscribe - the price starts from $10

  1. Go to Midjourney.com and click Join the Beta.
  1. The site will redirect you to Discord, where you will need to sign in
  1. Click on the button "I'm just going to have a look around" to get into the bot itself.
  1. Go to any of the chats that start with new
  1. In the text line, enter the command /IMAGINE PROMT, and then describe what you want to see, for example SEAL in the crown
  1. When the generation is complete, you will see 4 different variations on your request. Select the one you want to make more detailed or even select them all
  1. U 1,2,3,4 allow you to make one of the options in higher quality. And V1,2,3,4 make several variations from those already offered
  1. The option refresh allows you to generate the request again
  1. Click on the image you like to open it in a better quality and save it to yourself
  1. Subscribe to our account and don't miss anything interesting



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