Getting to know the Midjourney neural network


Neural networks draw masterpieces and win prizes in art contests. Does this mean that artists and programmers are no longer needed and that machines can replace them? We tried the MidJourney neural network to understand the question and answer it.

The answer is yes, it will, but not in the near future. Exhale.

First, the neural network works on human requests. The queries must be properly composed, otherwise the neuronet gives out a mush of everything that fits.

Secondly, a neural network does not understand emotions, without which no art is possible. Which means that, although it is a useful tool, a human is still needed.

The verdict is that a neural network is a huge source of inspiration, a tool, and an assistant in the craft of designers, artists, and programmers. Especially with the release of the update, in which the neural network crosses two pictures. Have you had a chance to try it out yet? (Examples in the carousel.)

By the way, check out what we got with the rabbit and virtual reality query. Not from the first tries, but the result seems very nice.

In the next post we will write a mini guide on how to use the neural network. Sign up so you don't miss it.


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