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A newcomer in the world of 3D applications, but what a newcomer! The programmers from LumaLab have released a Beta Test version of the Luma AI application. It is a 3D scanning application, which produces mega high-quality 3D models in a few minutes. Food, furniture, people - there are no limitations, download in the format you need and keep working. A strong competitor to the much acclaimed PolyCam.

You have probably seen 3D models of products on websites if you like shopping online. But have you ever thought that behind this attractive 3D image there is a lot of work and money. In the past, in order to create a product model you had to involve 3D artists, which greatly increased the cost, so 3D models were only found on products in the premium segment. The idea that 3D scanning technology is becoming available to more people is truly cutting edge. It will save many business owners a huge amount of money and make the process of selecting goods easier than ever.

The way Luma AI works is radically different from other similar apps and it's a real breakthrough for the industry. While other applications build a model from a lot of photos and a cloud of dots, leaving a lot of noise which needs to be cleaned up manually and requires some skill, Luma AI introduces physics, and neural rendering technology. Hello neural network :) What this means is that the app simply shows the artificial intelligence the minimum number of photos necessary for the AI to complete the model itself, based on the data it already has. Such highly accurate, yet lightweight models are most often used in gamemaking and filmmaking. But also, it completely changes the world of commerce. In addition to rotating around its axis, product photos can include zooming and virtual movement from all angles, including even those angles that were not photographed. Perhaps soon, the process of 3D scanning will become as easy as just taking and sending a photo.

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