4 tips to make augmented reality work for you


When it comes to online shopping, visualization plays a critical role. One of the most effective ways to help your customers choose your product is to use added reality.

Whether they're doing it on an iPad, iPhone, or laptop, customers visiting your site want to know what your product will look like in real life after their purchase. But simple two-dimensional images aren't enough - you have to enhance the customer experience to encourage them to make a purchase.

We live in an age where the physical world is increasingly giving way to a meta universe. That's why it's important to think about presenting your product to customers. You must also give them the opportunity to experience it before they buy.

Augmented reality comes to the rescue. Using augmented reality "apps" is a great way to beautify your digital content in a way that attracts website visitors.

The technology itself is becoming more and more common. AR or smart glasses, Snapchat, headsets, Google Glass and other innovations in the virtual world are introducing it to customers every day.

So, what is augmented reality? How can you use it to provide customers with real-time digital information that drives sales?

We have four tips on how to make augmented reality work for you.

What is augmented reality?

First the definition: augmented reality in this context allows you to use advanced technology to visualize your product using your customer's smartphone camera.

Think of the game Pokémon GO and its ability to integrate superimposed models into the field of view of your smartphone camera. In the context of an online shopping site, augmented reality allows for a different shopping experience.

Simply put, your customers can use their smartphone to see your product in their space.

Why is it effective?

With static images, customers can only get a limited interpretation of how they can imagine the product. But with augmented reality, they can see the product as it will appear after purchase.

This enhanced visualization capability is a powerful persuasive technique. Not only is it better for customers (because it allows them to see how the product will fit into their lives), but it's also better for your business.

Now that we've figured out what augmented reality is, use these four tips to make the most of it.

1. Show your customers how exciting augmented reality can be.

Whether you use virtual or augmented reality, shoppers will have the experience that today's digital technology provides.

Studies show that 66% of shoppers believe augmented reality increases their confidence in the product they're buying.

By posting videos or photos of other shoppers using the same technology on your website, you'll give them an idea of what they can expect when using modern technology.

This will prepare them to go through the sales and checkout process. They will be prepared for the perception of augmented and virtual reality.

This will show them that shopping in your online store is like going to IKEA, they are preferable to other online shopping options that offer a less holistic approach to shopping.

Demonstrating examples of how to use the technology with a video will emphasize that it's not just a software development miracle. Augmented reality is an easy-to-use feature that your customers will immediately take advantage of when using your site.

2. Show testimonials from other customers who have enjoyed using AR on your site.

Customer reviews can be one of the most powerful ways to promote a product. There is no better benefit to your product than a previously satisfied customer.

So wouldn't it make sense if you applied this logic to those who have used augmented reality on your site?

Most of your product reviews will be about the product itself. But you can also include customer reviews that talk about how using augmented reality improved their overall buying experience.

Including these testimonials on your website or social media channels will help your real customers know how well augmented reality works for them. They'll find out from the most reliable source: other customers who have used your augmented reality for their own purposes.

3. Give customers tips on how to get the most out of AR technology

Augmented reality is a great feature to add to your online store. But it's only effective if your customers understand the technology and how to use it.

Include clear, concise instructions on what customers need to do to achieve a full effect. You may want to include this as a bulleted list on your website.

You can also post a brief instructional video on what they will need to do. This further demonstrates how the technology works.

When your customers want to know what your product will look like in a real-world setting, these resources will help them do so seamlessly.

4. Remind site visitors that your augmented reality works on both mobile and desktop devices

Users come to your site from a variety of devices. They might be using PCs, laptops, tablets, or smartphones.

Including a note - or visual confirmation of users on these different types of devices - will help your customers understand that no matter what they use, augmented reality will be available to them.

It doesn't matter if they prefer Apple or Android. They will know that when they come to your online store, they will be able to use your AR apps to get the most out of their time there.

In the end, however you decide to optimize the augmented reality experience on your website, the first and most important step is integration with your online store. To do this, you need to work with a partner who understands how to implement it.

That's why you should partner with Plinar. We know well how to use technology such as augmented reality and virtual reality to help online and offline stores increase the level of customer demand.


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